Definitive Guide To Real Engagement Rings (2023)

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An engagement ring symbolizes so much – a promise, a new beginning, and a shared future. Clarity-enhanced diamonds can be affordable options for all sorts of diamond jewelry, from engagement rings and earrings to pendants and bracelets. This definitive guide to real engagement rings will help you choose exactly the right ring for the moment when you propose.


What is a Real Engagement Ring?

The days when a real engagement ring had to be a solitaire diamond in platinum are long over. While a solitaire is still a time-honored choice for an engagement ring, today the important thing is picking a ring that reflects your tastes. Colored stones, especially ones that have a personal meaning like a birthstone or some memory, are a beautiful way to make an individual statement.

• Special Occasion

First, think about the jewelry she wears day to day and on special occasions. A solitaire and fairly small gemstone or even a metal band without gemstones could be a wonderful choice for somebody who generally doesn’t wear much jewelry. If her tastes are traditional, and she wears a classic wardrobe, a diamond is a classic. If she cultivates a more modern look, a colored stone brings personality and verve.


• Lifestyle

Consider her lifestyle as well as her tastes. If she works with her hands or is a healthcare worker who puts gloves on regularly, a low-profile ring will be easier than one that stands high from her hand.


Statement Jewelry

If she likes big statement jewelry, a large clarity enhanced diamond with a semi-precious gemstone can make a tremendous impression to meet any budget. A fiery pear shaped diamond with a garnet, rich purple amethysts, or bold citrines will stand out at a still-affordable price.


Choosing a Real Engagement Ring

We’re here to help make picking out the ring the easiest part of getting engaged. We We have one of the widest selections of clarity enhanced engagement rings online, so browse until you find what you like. Or if you want friendly personal advice, talk with one of our expert staff, who can walk you through the options to match you with the perfect ring. 


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