Pear Shaped Engagement Ring


      A pear shaped engagement ring is a classic choice. The organic shape, reminiscent of a raindrop, combined with the brilliance of the stone, is a beautiful mix of curves and angles, geometric and organic. They also make the finger and hand look longer and slimmer, adding a touch of elegance.

      About Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

      Pear shaped engagement rings can have different proportions, with some very elongated and others more compact. The right style for you depends on your tastes and preferences.

      Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Designs

      Because the pear shape is more exclusive and unique, it often features the strong character, autonomy, and unique style of its wearer.

      • Symbolism - The pear shape is sometimes called a tear drop, and for an engagement or wedding ring, symbolizes tears of happiness.
      • Heart Symbolism - Whether you wear the point towards you or away from you is a matter of taste. Some brides borrow the symbolism of the Claddagh ring and wear it with the point towards their heart, indicating that the person who gave it to them has their heart.
      • Taylor - Burton Diamond -  This 69-carat stone was purchased by Richard Burton for his wife Elizabeth Taylor in 1969 and is one of the most feminine shapes for a precious stone.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      A pear shaped engagement ring is timeless, with a beautiful shape and symbolism. We have one of the widest online selection of vintage pear shaped engagement rings. Browse our collections today, or chat with one of our jewelers for expert personalized advice..

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