Oval Engagement Rings


      Oval engagement rings are a classic choice that complement any size and shape of hand with their graceful shape. You can find oval diamond engagement rings in a variety of styles and metal types, though the most common settings are white gold or platinum.

      About Oval Engagement Rings

      Oval diamond engagement rings typically feature accent stones, which make their shape even more grand and striking. The most common accent stones are smaller diamonds, but you can also find rings with ruby or sapphire accents for a splash of color.

      Oval Engagement Ring Designs

      Oval cut diamonds features includes a longer shape with rounded corners and the faceting of a round diamond.

      • Stunning Eras - Most oval diamond engagement rings are from the mid-century period or later; it’s rare to find oval Edwardian or Art Deco rings.
      • Beautiful Styles- In addition to the traditional oval setting, with the stone set lengthwise, some oval diamond rings are set horizontally, typically with multiple stones. This look is a lovely variation on the traditional setting..
      • Multiple Gemstones - Oval diamond engagement rings look stunning with other shapes of stones in anniversary bands. Square stones provide contrast, or round or more oval stones blend beautifully.

      Find The Perfect Oval Engagement Ring

      Because they are rarer than round diamond engagement rings, you may have to look harder to find an oval diamond engagement ring. As one of the largest vintage jewelry stores online, we typically have a range in stock. Browse our selection today or talk to one of our experts for advice you can rely on.

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      10 products