Asscher Cut Engagement Ring


      An Asscher cut engagement ring is stunningly distinctive. This cut looks like a hall of mirrors, with the inner facets seeming to reflect one another endlessly. It was developed by the same company that cut one of England’s most famous Crown Jewels, the Cullinan.

      About The Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

      The asscher cut diamond resembles a square cut, except the corners are angled so that the shape is actually octagonal, though this doesn’t show as clearly once the stone is set. The cuts are longer and further apart than emerald or square cuts, giving it that unique reflection..

      Asscher Cut Engagement Ring Designs

      Asscher cut diamonds quickly grew in popularity throughout the early 1900s and well into the 1920s, when it was a highlight of Art Deco designs because of its geometric distinctiveness.

      • Historical Eras - The asscher cut diamond was invented by Joseph Asscher, from Holland’s Asscher Diamond Company (which was later renamed the Royal Asscher Diamond Company) in 1902. It was somewhat ahead of its time and didn’t become popular until the 1920s.
      • Anniversary Symbolism - For the cut’s 100th anniversary, the company developed the Royal Asscher cut, which has 72 facets, for more brilliance.
      • Celebrity Symbolism - Elizabeth Taylor’s Krupp diamond is an Asscher cut, and so are Pippa Middleton’s, Jessica Alba’s and Zooey Deschanel’s engagement rings.

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      An Asscher cut engagement ring is a sophisticated choice, with a unique beauty that will make it stand out, no matter what. Make your choice from our selection of rings today, or chat with one of our experts for personalized advice.

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