Cushion Cut Engagement Ring


      Cushion cut diamonds offer a lovely mix of geometric precision and more organic curves, since they feature a rectangular or square shape, but with rounded edges and sides. This is one of the best cuts for maximizing the play of color in a diamond, so cushion cut engagement rings are a striking choice.

      About The Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

      It’s easy to confuse a princess cut with a cushion cut, but keep in mind that the princess cut has sharp corners, while cushion cut corners are rounded. This gives them a softer shape, rather than the more strictly geometric princess cut. Radiant cuts also have rounded edges, but the cushion cut has straight edges rather than curved ones. Any of these make beautiful engagement rings, but cushion cut engagement rings have the softest look among diamonds.

      Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Designs

      The cushion cut diamond represents eternity, kindness, and timelessness.

      • Versatility - Cushion cut diamonds look beautiful either as solitaire stones or with accents. Most rings with accents around a cushion cut stone are from the Art Deco period or earlier. Cushion cut solitaires became popular in the mid-century period and continues to be popular today.
      • Stunning History - Old mine cut diamonds are a form of cushion cuts. Newer cushion cut diamonds usually have more facets (64 compared to 58).
      • Famous Diamonds - Some of the most famous diamonds in the world are cushion cuts, including the Hope Diamond and the yellow Tiffany Diamond. This cut is especially good at emphasizing the color of a fancy diamond.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      Cushion cut engagement rings are timeless and a beautiful combination of soft edges and bright plays of light. Browse our selection of cushion cut diamond rings to find the perfect one, or talk to one of our experts today.

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      5 products