Emerald Cut Engagement Ring


      Emerald cut engagement rings are a beautiful choice with nearly any colored stone or a diamond. This cut shows a long rectangle with step cuts on the sides; in fact, the other name for this style is a step cut.

      About The Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

      First discovered by cutters and lapidaries in the 16th century to diminish the damage to precious emeralds, the emerald cut diamond is a rectangular or square shape with slightly cropped corners.

      Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Designs

      The rectangular shape of an emerald cut diamond represents love, honor and allegiance.

      • Historical Gemstone - Emerald cuts are one of the oldest cuts, so you can find an emerald cut engagement ring from nearly any period you like, whether romantic Victorian, ornate Edwardian and Art Deco, or streamlined mid-century.
      • Celebrity - Emerald cut diamonds are a celebrity favorite. Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez both wore emerald cut diamond engagement rings.
      • Traditional Elegance - Emerald cut diamonds make the wearer’s fingers look longer and more slender.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      An emerald cut diamond ring is a beautiful choice, whatever the stone and period. Whether you want the rich depths of a colored stone or the clear sparkle of a diamond, you can find the perfect one in our collection. Browse our selection of emerald cut rings today, or chat with one of our experts for personalized advice.

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      4 products