Princess Cut Engagement Ring


      Princess cut engagement rings are a new variation on the classic square cut, designed specifically for diamonds and their unique optical qualities. Princess cut stones are either square or slightly rectangular, with sharp corners and typically 50-58 facets. These facets give princess cut engagement rings a stunning sparkle and play of light. This makes even smaller stones truly eye-catching.

      About The Princess Cut Engagement Ring

      At first glance, you might confuse a princess cut with a radiant or cushion cut, but keep in mind that the princess cut has sharp corners, while cushion and radiant cut corners are rounded. Princess cuts have more facets than the typical emerald or square cut, which gives them more sparkle and dispersion.

      Princess Cut Engagement Ring Designs

      The square shape of a princess cut stone represents royalty, power, balance, and cohesion.

      • Historical Design The inventor of the princess cut, Israel Itzkowitz, also developed an invisible setting and a variant on the princess cut, the rectangular cut princess.
      • Accent Gemstones- The corners of a princess cut diamond are sharp, most settings have accent stones to protect the stone from snagging, or they protect the corners with the setting.
      • Modern Settings - Because this cut was invented in 1979, you can find it only in more modern settings.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      The name “princess cut” may sound old-fashioned, but a princess cut engagement ring has a very modern look, combining the tradition of a diamond with a contemporary shape and sparkle. Browse through our selection today, or talk to one of our expert jewelers to find the perfect ring for your aesthetic, budget, and lifestyle.

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      20 products