Round Diamond Engagement Rings


      Round diamond engagement rings have been the most popular choice for almost a century, though the style is even older than that. While the classic design is a solitaire round diamond engagement ring, there are options to suit any budget and taste.

      About The Round Diamond Engagement Ring

      Round diamond engagement rings date from the turn of the century to the 1940s. The classic Tiffany style of one stone in a high setting that makes more of the stone visible became the standard in the mid-century period. This design took advantage of advances in metal craft and gem cutting. Today, this style is still the ring most people think of when they think of engagement rings.

      Round Diamond Engagement Ring Designs

      Round diamonds are the most popular engagement stone and stands for enduring love, integrity and fulfillment.

      • Classic Style - The Tiffany style setting was trademarked back in the 19th century, but became widely popular in the mid-century period.
      • One of a Kind Tradition - One of the first famous round diamond engagement rings was the one that Franklin D. Roosevelt gave to Eleanor Roosevelt in 1904. It features a central round diamond and round accent diamonds on the sides.
      • Versatility - A round diamond engagement ring pairs beautifully with anniversary bands. These can feature more diamonds, colored stones, or both.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      For a classic look that will be just as timeless decades from now, you can’t go wrong with a round diamond engagement ring. Browse our selection today or talk to one of our expert jewelers for personal advice on picking the perfect ring.

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      39 products