10 Best Places To Propose (2023)

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You’re ready now. You know this is the person you want to marry. You know what you want to say. But where is the best place to propose? This guide will help you find the most romantic spot to propose, to make a memory that will last both your lifetimes.


What are the 10 Best Places To Propose?


• Beach

The way the sky and water meet, the sound of the waves, the beauty of the
water, proposing on a beach is a classic for a reason.

• Restaurant

Make it a place that you’ll remember fondly every time you visit it, no matter what the occasion. Especially if you’re a regular customer, the restaurant staff will often be happy to help make it memorable.


• Take a Trip Together

There’s something about traveling together. Maybe it’s the symbolism of a journey, maybe it’s being out of your daily routine, but it’s an ideal way to propose.


• Concert

Music ties deep into our emotions, so it’s a perfect opportunity to seize the moment. It will also make the music you heard become your music as a couple.

• Garden

Gardens, like beaches, are full of all of the factors that make for romance. The color and scent of flowers, the closeness to nature, the sense of being among growing, living things, a garden is always romantic.

• Where Your First Met

The spot where you first met, went out together, or said “I love you.” Even if it’s not as beautiful as a garden or a beach, this is a thoughtful way of showing you remember all the wonderful moments.


• Your Home

You can make your home just as romantic a setting as any other with a little preparation, whether it’s flowers, candles, a special meal, or any other touch that will make the moment special.

• Art Museum

Whatever your tastes in art, from ancient to cutting-edge contemporary, being surrounded by art makes a proposal even more beautiful.


• Friends and Family

A get-together with friends or family. Of course, you only want to propose in front of others if you know for certain that the answer will be yes. But if you’re positive, this is a way to celebrate the moment with even more people you love.

• Favorite Setting

A setting from their favorite movie or book (or as close as you can get). Whether you have to improvise or you can visit the real-life setting, this is a beautiful way to show you care.


The Best Places to Propose

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