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Planning a proposal is exciting, but can be stressful. Choosing and buying the ring can be mystifying, especially if you’re not that familiar with buying fine jewelry. The perfect proposal ring is one that reflects your love and commitment to your partner. Take the time to find the right one, and it will be a cherished symbol of your love for years to come. This definitive guide for buying a proposal ring explains what you need to know.


How to Choose the Perfect Proposal Ring?

Of course, any woman is going to love her engagement ring, but a few tricks will help you pick out the right choice.

• Get a Sense of Tastes

Looking at the items they wear regularly to get a sense of her tastes, if you don’t already have solid insights. Think of one- or two-word descriptions, like minimalist, feminine, elaborate, playful, geometric, trendy, dainty, or impressive.


• Budget

Determine how much you can afford to spend on the ring before you start shopping. This will help you narrow down your options and avoid overspending.

• Metals

Look at her other jewelry and accessories to get a sense of what metal she might prefer. Does she seem more drawn to white metals, rose gold, or yellow gold? Don’t just restrict yourself to jewelry – look at accessories like her purse, phone case, or shoes, too. White gold and platinum are the most popular today, but there are many choices if her preference is for warmer tones. You can get stunning proposal rings in either yellow gold or rose gold. Rose gold is the least common color, so it’s ideal for somebody who enjoys being a little bit different.


• Shape and Cut

Once you’ve spent some time thinking about her tastes, a pattern will emerge. That can help you determine the shape and cut of the gemstone that you want. There are many options, such as round, princess, oval, cushion, pear, and marquise, to name a few.

• Styles

 If her style is minimalist, a very simple solitaire without accent stones or only tiny accent stones will be perfect. If she goes all out in her style, then a bigger ring with side stones is an affordable way to make a huge splash. On the other hand, if her taste is more quirky or playful, a stone set sideways or at an angle can reflect that, while still a classic. But if she wears a little of every style, don’t worry, since a classic like a diamond solitaire or a center stone with a few accents is timeless.


• Personal Touch

Consider adding a personal touch to the ring, such as an engraved message or a custom design. This will make the ring even more special and unique.

Choosing the Perfect Proposal Ring

Now that you have a plan, you can browse through our extensive selection of rings today to pick out the perfect ring. Of course, we’re more than happy to offer personalized, friendly help from our experts. With a few questions, our staff will help you pick out the ring that will make your proposal even more exciting and romantic. Happy planning!


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