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Proposing marriage to a beloved partner is a once in a lifetime event in a couple’s relationship, yet there are many creative and romantic ways to propose to your partner. Here are ten ideas to inspire you and to make a memory that will last both your lifetimes.


The proposal is an important moment in a couple's relationship, as it marks the beginning of their engagement and the start of planning their future together. Here are our 10 best ways to propose...

10 Best Ways To Propose?


• Romantic Dinner

Plan a special dinner at a favorite restaurant or a quiet, intimate spot. Arrange for a special dessert with "will you marry me?" written on the plate or have the ring hidden in a champagne glass.


• Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to meaningful locations or memories. At the final location, surprise your partner with the proposal.


• Scenic Hike

Plan a scenic hike and propose at the top with a breathtaking view. Bring champagne and toast your future together.


• Surprise party

Organize a surprise engagement party with close friends and family and propose during the festivities.


• Take a Romantic Trip

Plan a surprise trip to a romantic destination and propose during a special activity, such as a hot air balloon ride or sunset sail.


• Where You First Met

The spot where you first met, went out together, or said “I love you.” Even if it’s not as beautiful as a garden or a beach, this is a thoughtful way of showing you remember all the wonderful moments.


• Beach Proposal

Take a walk on the beach and write "will you marry me?" in the sand or arrange for a message to be flown overhead on a banner.


• Art Museum

Whatever your tastes in art, from ancient to cutting-edge contemporary, being surrounded by art makes a proposal even more beautiful.


• Photo Album Proposal

Create a photo album of your favorite memories together and end it with a proposal photo and message.


• Movie Theater or a Professional Game

Arrange for a custom movie trailer to play before a movie or rent out a private theater and propose during the previews. Go to your favorite sporting event and ask her if she'll marry you on the scoreboard.


The Best Way to Propose

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